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Suitcase Club Light Travel Concept

Travel light, as the name implies, means to travel easy. It has become an increasingly popular way of traveling nowadays. Simply lay down all the burden and allow your body to relax and shuttling between the cities.

Suitcase Club is a combination of "Function", "Fun" and "Fashion". We carefully select high-quality brands and products from all over the World. Whether you are trendy or hipster, you can always find functional, fun and stylish product in Suitcase Club

Suitcase Club is a brand new concept that transcends functionality and style, combining travel and fashion. In addition to our retail store, Suitcase Club wants to be a companion of travellers and to share the fun of each trip. When you visit one of our 20 sales point, we will be preparing surprisingly good product for you, because we always know what a traveler's journey requires.

Light Travel Team

Established in 2010, Suitcase Club became one of the most leading travel retailer in Hong Kong. Our team is a group of travel-oriented partners: designers and experts with background of  suitcase manufacturing. Berkeley Haas School graduate founder, left from accounting advisory field, with his risk-loving and fearless spirit, established the platform of SUITCASE CLUB. Determined to provide chic and functional travel products for budget travellers and jetsetters.



Licensed Brands 
SUITCASE CLUB blogs with travel style and flying tips evolving daily with the rapidly changing world, we believe in making the most up-to-date travel news and culture accessible through the expression of words. In addition to introducing travel products, bloggers broadcasts technology, as well as new and interesting designs. We believe that travel blogs links people from different places together, simultaneously we want to offer a platform for our travel-loving friends to get together, exchange ideas, experiences and memories.

Below are our hand-picked licensed brands:

Customer Reviews 

We live in a fast paced city where people are constantly on the go, and we know the hectic experience when choosing the right suitcase pressingly. SUITCASE CLUB currently runs over 20 point-of-sales locations and website in Hong Kong, providing our customers the ultimate O2O omni-channel experience. We managed to offer the best value-for-money purchase while blending the ease and convenience of choosing the perfect suitcase and travel accessories.

Corporate Partner
We welcome any interest in working with us. Corporate can offer Suitcase.hk products as promotional gifts and part of the marketing program. We offer an one-stop high quality redemption service allowing customers to test the products as well as answering all the questions. We provide customers the most convenient and comfortable environment of gift redemption. Our partnered corporation:

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