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★ MILES REWARDS offers 3 membership levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level brings its own recognition and privileges. Member can redeem rewards with ★ Miles.  

Spending Amount - HK$ 1000 HK$ 5000
Redeem Rewards
Product Warranty*
Extra 90 days
Extra 90 days
Extra 120 days
Price Guaranteed
7 days
7 days
7 days
⑉ Earn Points $1 = 1 ★ MILE $1 = 1 ★ MILE $1 = 1 ★ MILE
Exclusive Discount
5% All Year
10% All Year



* Extra product warranty only applies to Suitcase.hk online orders.

How to earn ★ Suitcase Miles?

Every $1 purchase is entitled to 1 ★ Suitcase Mile (discounted and special priced items may not entitle to any rewards). You can click the page "MY ★ MILES" to check the balance.

How to redeem ★ Suitcase Miles?

★ Suitcase Miles can be redeem for travel accessories, but cannot be exchanged for cash or other denominations. Click here to redeem ★ Suitcase Miles.

How long will ★ Suitcase Miles update after each purchase?

After each successful purchase, your balance of ★ Suitcase Miles will be updated in 24 hours.

How long is the ★ Suitcase Miles valid for?

Suitcase Miles are valid for 365 days. Any unused miles in the account will be expired automatically after 365 days.

What happens to the ★ Suitcase Miles if I request for returning an item?

When you return an item from a purchase that earned Suitcase Miles, your rewards miles balance will be correspondingly adjusted for any returned merchandise.

Who do I contact with question about the ★ Suitcase Miles Rewards program?

Please send us an email at supportsuitcase.hk or fill in the form at the contact page.

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