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SUITCASE CLUB 選用親切的文字、清新的風格為旅遊控帶來不同旅遊和飛行資訊。除了介紹時尚旅行用品,日誌博客同時引進科技產品以及新奇有趣設計等情報。我們相信旅遊日誌能把熱愛旅遊的朋友聚在一起,互相交流心得,並希望各位每天和我們一起放眼世界,感受生活。

SUITCASE CLUB blogs with travel style and flying tips evolving daily with the rapidly changing world, we believe in making the most up-to-date travel news and culture accessible through the expression of words. In addition to introducing travel products, bloggers broadcasts technology, as well as new and interesting designs. We believe that travel blogs links people from different places together, simultaneously we want to offer a platform for our travel-loving friends to get together, exchange ideas, experiences and memories.


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